Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gelli Grin and Bryn Bedwog

This visit was one of the Merioneth Nats series and Sarah Stille will probably also write a report on her blog so mine will be brief.

We visited several different monads, starting in Gelli Grin where we hoped to find interesting base-loving flora around a small quarry, although in fact we found little. A patch of Galium odoratum, woodruff, was nice to find and a reasonable list but nothing spectacular.

Later we moved on towards Bryn Bedwog, past a lake where we found another new record of Glyceria maxima, reed sweet-grass, and also encountered some interesting wildlife during our lunch break! I still have the snout marks on my car.

At Bryn Bedwog we headed for some crags; apparently there were old lime kilns in the area and again we were hoping for some calcareous species. We did find an interesting Hieracium which is as yet undetermined...
Unknown Hieracium at Bryn Bedwog
Still, it was a nice day out if late in the season. Its interesting to note how different some familiar species are when they are beginning to fade in autumn.

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