Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Impatiens noli-tangere

The last 8 days I have been out surveying in the northern half of Wales. Have visited all the sites for Impatiens noli-tangere (Touch-me-not Balsam). One site there must have been in the region of 100,000 plants. It grew here for well over 1km along a river and along woodland rides. Other sites were much smaller. Only one site couldn't be located, this was in Denbighshire. Another site in Merionethshire looks like it's bigger cousin Himalayan Balsam will soon swamp it out.

My first visit to Flintshire

 Had a great day out with Emily Meilleur in Flintshire on Monday. We updated a number of the species in the Rare Plant Register for the county. At Llyn Helyg (above) Emily and I found Pillwort (below) in extremely large number. Also several small patches of Eleocharis acicularis (Needle spike-rush). Crassula helmsii (New Zealand Pigmyweed) was doing very well in places. Fringed Water-lily also formed several large yellow patches in the lake.