Thursday 24 April 2014

Paris in Denbighshire

Having seen this late in the season last year, I was keen to see when it would come up this year. And the answer - very quickly in the last 3 weeks! Not a sign in the last weekend in March, and then last weekend (19th April) here it is, looking almost ready to flower. Always a special plant to see. This patch is unusual because it is in beech plantation with sycamore - planted about 1960 - and apparently not in an area of ancient woodland.
Paris quadrifolia - Herb Paris

Friday 4 April 2014

BSBI meeting on 19th March at the National Museum of Wales

Members having a go at mounting specimens at the open day to the Welsh National Herbarium. They are mounting specimens collected by T.B. Ryves from around the world. Ryves is the BSBI referee for alien grasses.