Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Christmas card update

Most of the cards have now been sold, and as I'm off on maternity leave and no longer holding a stock, we've removed the web sales link. There are still some which will hopefully be available at the Scottish AGM and at the Cambridge AEM, or a few from certain members of the Welsh Committee - so if you are really desperate for some more try contacting Paul Green. The good news is, this makes the Christmas card experiment a success and hopefully it will be repeated next year - so for all you photographers out there, this is your warning to start trying to find an equally good image for next year. Perhaps next time we could even have two designs.

To judge from this year, photographs are likely to be popular if they are truly botanical images (e.g. not too abstract or landscape); reflecting the work of the BSBI (native flora); but also in at least some way seasonal/ Christmassy - but preferably original as well! Nothing like setting the standards high...

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