Thursday, 19 October 2017

Polycarpon tetraphyllum (Four-leaved Allseed) at Pembroke Dock

As Polly said in the last blog I would be taking over as BSBI Welsh Officer. I would like to thank Polly for the wonderful job she did.

Haven't really had any chance to do much botany yet since I started back as Welsh Officer. It is nearly two and a half years since I posted here. 

Polycarpon tetraphyllum (Four-leaved Allseed) grows around the car park on the sea front by ASDA filling station, Pembroke Dock. Known here since Jon Hudson found it in 2009. This is the only extant site in Wales. Last recorded from Barry Docks, Glamorgan in 1927 by J.H. Salter and R.L. Smith. 

Polycarpon tetraphyllum (Four-leaved Allseed) is not the most stunning plant, the whole plant is green, very small, not always easy to tell if in flower or fruit as the heads are very small. 

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