Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Glynhir (Carmarthenshire) 2017

At the end of June (after spending two days in Montgomeryshire) I was able to join the regular recording residential at Glynhir for two days. The first day the whole group visited Talley Lakes, which provided a really good range of sedges, although the lake appeared disappointingly eutrophicated, with bright green algae, most likely due to the presence of excessive numbers of waterfowl. However, there were a few sedges to look at, and Comarum palustre (Marsh cinquefoil) was flowering, which is always a treat.
Carex aquatilis, Carex leporina, Carex vesicaria and Carex rostrata
(Water Sedge, Oval Sedge, Bladder-sedge and Bottle Sedge)

Comarum palustre (Marsh Cinquefoil)
The next day I headed with a small group to an un-recorded tetrad, north of Llandovery, which included somewhat varied habitats, from a small section of the River Towy next to a bridge, to paths and tracks around farmland, including small wooded areas and hedges. I always enjoy the interest of visiting a completely unknown square and although we didn't find anything earth-shattering, we had some interesting finds like this Fumaria muralis (Common Ramping-fumitory).
Fumaria muralis (Common Ramping-fumitory)

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