Sunday, 1 June 2014

Cardiff Bay BSBI Meeting on 1st June

 16 members braved the crowds and the sun for a lovely walk at Cardiff Bay. One of the many surprises was seeing many Bee Orchids on a grassy slope. We had many other rare species some of which are included in the photos below. Balm-leaved Figwort was seen with the normal red flowers, plus we had four pants with yellow flowers. These are known as Scrophularia scorodonia var. viridiflora. Bullwort - Ammi majus was in bud.

Little Robin - Geranium purpureum the first confirmed record from Glamorgan

The group looking at Little Robin

Slender Sweet-flag - Acorus gramineus, flower in centre of picture

Habitat of Slender Sweet-flag

Crepis rubra - could be the first record for Wales - 5 plants were seen on a grassy slope

Blue Eryngo - Eryngium planum self-sown in a joint between concrete

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