Thursday, 5 July 2012

BSBI represents Citizen Science on BBC Radio Wales

I have just been to a recording at BBC Radio Wales for a programme called Science Cafe, where the topic was Citizen Science. This will be broadcast next Tuesday 10th July at 7pm, repeated on Sunday 15th July at 6.30am, and available for a week on the BBC iplayer. Follow the link to see any details as they come up. 

It is certainly true that BSBI members and other botanists have been carrying out citizen science since long before the term was invented. Without the contribution of amateur (including many expert) botanists  - and botanists working in their free time - there would be no possibility of projects like the Atlases of the British Flora (1962, 2002), and there would be very little data available for national projects such as the Red Data Lists. So thank-you to all our ongoing volunteers and if anyone reading this is not yet actively recording feel free to contact me, or your local vice-county recorder, to find out how you could become involved.

10th July - the programme was broadcast today and is available now on the BBC radioplayer for 7 days. A great contribution from Dr Goronwy Wynne, the retired vice-county recorder for Flintshire. 

23rd July - the programme is no longer available via the BBC. However, an .mp3 file (with the music removed) is now available here - this can be downloaded at 37MB (so don't attempt it on a very slow connection). 

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